Simon’s chicken recipe

How to cook homemade chicken

Things you will need.

  1. entire chicken
  2. some spices
  3. a pan for the oven
  4. olive oil
  5. onions (carrot celery) facultative

OK. Here we go take your chicken and wash your chicken under water (no soap).

Dry it up with scoot towel!

time for the fun part

Place the chicken in the pan and now lets be creative for the spices (I will put some pictures in the post to give you and idea of what you can use to make this chicken tasty). Of course you can use what ever you have.

Slice your onions insert the onions in the chicken put olive oil and seasoning on top inside onions and a bit of seasoning. Now time for the oven to heat up this is how I do it (500°F) (Broil) 10 to 13 minutes to get the beatyful rosted color then (350°F) (Bake) for 1h30 and remove for the oven  wait for 10 to 15 minutes NOW its ready to eat!

Ps if you have this at home it can help you! (180) (insert in the breast near the wings) (you can add a bit of wather on top during the cooking time)



                        Good Luck And Enjoy


みそ(Miso) インスピレーション(Inspiration)

Hello Everyone!

this recipe is easy and great for winter

this is what you need 

  1. miso base
  2. water
  3. vegetables (of your choice) 
  4. chicken 
  5. dry seaweed (Wakame)

Now that we have Everything 

Lets Cook!

In a small pot put as much water as you need make it boil.Then put the fire at low time to add some miso in the water one big tablespoon and then brewed with a whisk. Time to taste the water you can always add more miso. Take a little bit of dry Wakame add in bowl with water rinse it then add it to your soup with some vegetables and cooked chicken. Time to heat it again! You need to Stop it when its start to boil. We can now serve and enjoy those amazing flavours!

More ideas

Simon’sうどん (udon)




You want to learn how to make this amazing dish ? 

Follow those step

Step One: Pasta (udon)

Step Two: chicken the you can buy precook ( you can also use shrimp)

Step three: vegetables green onion, enoki, Spinach, ginger and (shiitake or other vegetables )

Step four: sake (rice wine) any (you can also use a little bit of mirin) water and tsuyu


First we need to cook the udon in water the cooking time depends on the brand you buy, then slice the green onion. Now we will make the soup put in a small pot water, tsuyu, sake (rice wine) make boil after that put on low fire add spinach, chicken, and enoki wait 2 to 3 minute when boiling. Put the udon in the soup.

Time To Serve And Enjoy


In a bowl put the soup and noodles together add slice green onion ginger (生姜) and dry seaweeds (nori)