Simon’sうどん (udon)




You want to learn how to make this amazing dish ? 

Follow those step

Step One: Pasta (udon)

Step Two: chicken the you can buy precook ( you can also use shrimp)

Step three: vegetables green onion, enoki, Spinach, ginger and (shiitake or other vegetables )

Step four: sake (rice wine) any (you can also use a little bit of mirin) water and tsuyu


First we need to cook the udon in water the cooking time depends on the brand you buy, then slice the green onion. Now we will make the soup put in a small pot water, tsuyu, sake (rice wine) make boil after that put on low fire add spinach, chicken, and enoki wait 2 to 3 minute when boiling. Put the udon in the soup.

Time To Serve And Enjoy


In a bowl put the soup and noodles together add slice green onion ginger (生姜) and dry seaweeds (nori)


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